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Take a semester - or just three weeks -  to expand your global view.  Travel to someplace you’ve never been before. Discover the richness and challenges of other cultures and communities. Try new foods. Forge closer relationships with classmates through shared experiences in new environments.  

GreeceWashington D.C.
Civil Rights Ecuador

More than 95 percent of Bluffton students fulfill the cross cultural requirement with a cross cultural experience following their sophomore year. 


Meet Bluffton's cross-cultural requirement by choosing one of the following options:

Cross-cultural Program

The university offers a variety of experiences from which students may choose, according to their interest in a particular location or theme or their long-range career plans. Domestic and international experiences are available during the month of May. 

Cross-cultural Program

Semester long programs include classes which fulfill some of your general education requirements and may include internship experience. 

Bluffton students have completed their cross-cultural requirement with experiences in Italy, London and other locations.

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(6 semester hours)
Students may choose to study one foreign language for six semester hours as a way to fulfill the cross-cultural requirement. Currently Bluffton offers Spanish.

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Financial assistance is available. 
Contact Elaine Suderman or Paul Neufeld Weaver.

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