Explore your vocation

Discernment grants

The Ministry Inquiry Program gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand what ministry is for 11 weeks in the summer. Working under the supervision of an experienced pastor, you will be involved in many aspects of a minister's life and work. A $2,000 scholarship is then given towards fall tuition. Applications are accepted in the late winter/early spring.

With a Summer Discovery Grant, current first year or sophomore students have the opportunity to design their own 4-6 week summer experience to explore the relationship between vocation and faith. A Summer Discovery Grant may help you discover your calling!  Up to two students will be awarded grants in the amount of $1,500. Proposals are typically due in early March.

Business studies students are eligible to take advantage of the Friesen Discovery Grant for business students. A total of $1,000 will be available annually to fund research, travel, intercultural activities and/or professional development for undergraduates in the business department.

The Bluffton University Pi Delta Research Grant supports students in an academic endeavor beyond normal class requirements related to their program of study at Bluffton University.

The following student research and internships
were supported by these grant opportunities: 
  • Justin Kauffman job shadowed and gained experience in patient settings with a Summer Discovery Grant. 
  • Erika Byler found her calling through the Ministry Inquiry Program.